Vancouver’s Parks & Beaches Designated Drinking Areas 2023

Hey Vancouver! Hope you're enjoying all that summer has to offer. Last year's City of Vancouver pilot program for alcohol in parks was such a success that they expanded the list of parks, and even included some beaches this year!

The Vancouver Park Board has greenlit the consumption of alcohol in designated drinking areas in a total of 54 parks and/or beaches between 11am and 9pm daily. Check the parks list below for all the details:

▪️ 31 parks throughout the year
▪️ 16 additional parks from July 1 to August 31, each year
▪️ 7 beaches from June 1 to September 4 while the program explores options to test responsible consumption of alcohol at appropriate beach locations

Whether it’s by sun, sea or sand, being outdoors and around nature is good for the spirit. So go on, get out there and play outside! (Ahem, remember to play safe, drink responsibly from non-glass containers, and leave only your foot prints and awesome memories behind.)

Vancouver Parks where drinking is allowed year-round:

Parks from July 1 to August 31 where you can drink (each year):

Beaches from June 1 to September 4 where you can drink (in 2023):

Alcohol on beaches pilot locations

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