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Our story begins in the forests of British Columbia

We always source our wood from lumber mills in British Columbia. Purchasing from small suppliers like Ernie helps to keep transport emissions low and ensures our support goes to local producers.

Ernie shows a deep respect for the forest and harvests the majority of lumber from trees that have already fallen naturally. Environmental sustainability and support for small, local businesses is huge to us at Greenwood Box & Crate Co. 

Through sourcing as close to home as possible, we ensure that our environmental impact is minimized. In turn, this helps to keep our costs lower than many major competitors, while also supporting our local communities.

Skillful craftsmanship in every box and crate



"One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men.

No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."

Quote by Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915), author and teacher

Local carpenters receive materials directly from our wood supplier, which are then meticulously crafted into functional crates and boxes. This preserves the natural appearance of raw wood, and helps to ensure quality is maintained throughout the overall process.

From the forest to your display shelf, Greenwood Crate and Box Co. promises a quality product. We refuse to compromise on form or function, so you can expect supportive and beautiful crates each time.



Creating boxes that stand out

The last stage in the crate journey is integrating custom branded elements before the boxes reach you. This means our products arrive at your door ready for retail use, or for merchandising displays.

The natural wood gives our crates a raw, authentic appearance. Merged with the precision custom-branding process, we can ensure your company name will be seen on our products wherever it travels.

Save time and money with custom branding options.

We know that labeling each box takes valuable time out of your day— time which could be directed to more important duties. For many business owners that we've spoken with, it takes the energy away from your primary operations and can be overwhelming, especially as your company grows. That's why we include custom branding for a polished final product so that when it arrives at your door it can directly go on display.

With Greenwood Crate and Box Co, you can avoid the time-consuming, cumbersome task of labelling— all at a great price.


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We build custom branded, high-quality wooden boxes and crates. We're based out of Greenwood, British Columbia, so we choose to source our materials from nearby lumber mills. Though wood is already a great alternative to plastic, we'll always go the extra mile to keep sustainability in mind during the box-making process. All of our wine and beer crates are constructed in BC to minimize transportation emissions and to support local businesses!

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