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Durable, wooden desk. Made in Greenwood, BC.

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Standing Desk

Handmade by Greenwood Crate & Box Co. in Greenwood, British Columbia.

Standing Desk

These solid wood standing desks are a simple, convenient solution for people looking to increase productivity and stay active while working. It’s time to take a stand for your health – sitting less lowers your risk for heart disease, obesity and neck/back pain. Productivity is also enhanced – one study found that employees were 45% more productive than their sitting counterparts. Not only are these functional desks for working from the office or from home, they also are an aesthetically pleasing compliment to any space. Four-piece collapsible construction makes these desks perfect for individuals who need a portable desk solution.

Constructed: 21.5" H x 25" W x 16" L

Bottom Shelf: 7.25" x 25" x 0.75"

Top Shelf: 1.25" x 15" x 0.75"

Stand: 13.5" x 24" x 0.75"

Stand Support: 14" x 15" x 0.75


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We build custom branded, high-quality wooden boxes and crates. We're based out of Greenwood, British Columbia, so we choose to source our materials from nearby lumber mills. Though wood is already a great alternative to plastic, we'll always go the extra mile to keep sustainability in mind during the box-making process. All of our wine and beer crates are constructed in BC to minimize transportation emissions and to support local businesses!

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Greenwood, BC

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Dimensions 21.5 × 25 × 3.5 in