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We believe that presentation supports your products and adds a perfect final touch to your displays. That's why we also offer custom branding options for your logo! Our crates and boxes are made of premium wood varieties and can accommodate many sizing needs, so take a look at the high-quality items that we offer:

Crates for Wine, Beer & Spirits

Wooden Beer Crate


15 Bottle Wine Crate


6 Bottle Wine Crate


Geo / Core Boxes

Mining Core Boxes — NQ

Core Display Boxes

Mining Core Boxes — HQ

Wooden Home Goods

Standing Desk


Wooden Bone Dog Bed


Wooden Serving Tray


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Don't worry— We're always in the process of updating or creating new products. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can provide your next packaging solution!


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We build custom branded, high-quality wooden boxes and crates. We're based out of Greenwood, British Columbia, so we choose to source our materials from nearby lumber mills. Though wood is already a great alternative to plastic, we'll always go the extra mile to keep sustainability in mind during the box-making process. All of our wine and beer crates are constructed in BC to minimize transportation emissions and to support local businesses!

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