Vancouver Park Board Pilot Project for (Legal) Drinking in Parks

Hey Vancouver! Hope you're enjoying all that summer has to offer. Whether it’s sun, sea or sand, being outdoors and around nature is good for the spirit. As an added bonus, this summer and into autumn, the Vancouver Park Board has implemented a pilot program allowing the consumption of alcohol in designated drinking sites* across 22 Vancouver parks. The program is ongoing, from July 12 to October 11, 2021 – where adult public consumption of alcohol is allowed at various pilot sites between 11am and 9pm daily.

So go on, get out there and play outside! (Ahem, remember to play safe, drink responsibly, and only leave your foot prints behind.)

Photo from our own picnic adventure — IG: @greenwoodboxco

Vancouver Parks where drinking is allowed:

  1. Collingwood Park
  2. David Lam Park
  3. Fraser River Park
  4. Granville Park
  5. Harbour Green Park
  6. John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park
  7. Kitsilano Beach Park / Hadden Park
  8. Langara Park
  9. Locarno Beach Park
  10. Maple Grove Park
  11. Memorial South Park
  12. Memorial West Park
  13. New Brighton Park
  14. Pandora Park
  15. Queen Elizabeth Park
  16. Quilchena Park
  17. Riverfront Park
  18. Robson Park
  19. Rupert Park
  20. Stanley Park
  21. Vanier Park
  22. Volunteer Park

Collingwood Park designated drinking area:

* To view the rest of the designated drinking areas within each park, click here.

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